Magazine Issues

Short Story Writer Magazine Issue 26

In this Issue:SSW26x512jpg
+ On the Successful Anatomy of a Short Story
+ How To Write A Very Short Story
+ Applying for an MFA Program pt 3
+ World Building 2
+ Socializing at Conferences – How to Come Out of the Box
+ Deepen a Reader’s Emotional Connection to Your Story



Short Story Writer Magazine Issue 25

In this Issue:SSW25x512jpg
+ Setting for Short Stories
+ Applying for an MFA program
+ World Building
+ Short Story Critiques
+ When do you know your story is finished?
+ Inproving your writing with Short Stories
+ Beating Writer’s Block



Short Story Writer Magazine Issue 24

In this Issue:SSWx24x512jpg
+ Avoiding the mirror scene
+ The Secret Plot Device: Chekhov’s Gun and How to Fire It
+ 6 Tips for Moving to the Next Level
+ The End Is Near: Four Ways To End A Short Story
+ Applying for an MFA Program Part 1
+ How to create a complete protagonist
+ 5 ways to surprise your readers and keep them guessing until the end



Short Story Writer Magazine Issue 23

In this issue:SSW23x512jpg
+ 10 things you must do to get a short story published
+ 14 Keys to Jump Start Your Writing When Your Word Flow is Being Stubborn
+ How to Write Better: 7 Instant Fixes
+ 3 Reasons You Need Music to Affect Your Writing Process
+ 5 Simple Tips for Writing Short Stories
+ How to end a short story: a case study



Short Story Writer Magazine Issue 22

In this issue:SSW22x512jpg
+ How to Write Science Fiction When Youre Not into Science
+ 10 of the best short stories – an incomplete list written
+ How to brainstorm and write a story in 24 hours or less
+ How to Write Faster, Better, and Easier
+ Too tired to write – self-care for writers
+ How to earn a living while waiting for your novel to be published written



Short Story Writer Magazine Issue 21

In this issue:Cover512
+ How to Sell Short Stories to an Anthology
+ Discovering Yourself as a Writer
+ 5 Tips For Getting Back Into The Writing Groove
+ Tips for Short Story Competitions from a Judge
+ 10 Tricks To Motivate Yourself To Write-Right NOW
+ On Writing Humor



Short Story Writer Magazine Issue 20

In this issue:SSW20x512x384jpg
+ Interview with F. C. Malby
+ Turning Brainstorms into Concepts
+ Building Writing Confidence in 7 ways
+ 20 tips from famous writers on writing great content
+ How to get your short stories published in magazines
+ A Publishing Checklist
+ How to tell if your short story is begging to be a novel
+ How to edit and proofread your story



Short Story Writer Magazine Issue 19

In this Issue:SSW19x512xjpg
+ Six Step Formula For Writing Short Stories
+ Confidence in Fiction Writing
+ How to write a fairy tale
+ How To Build Confidence in Your Writing Ability
+ The Secret Fears of Writers
+ Strengths and Weaknesses in Writing
+ 10 Ways to Boost Your Writing Skill
+ Unblock – Writing Prompts



Short Story Writer Magazine Issue 18

In this Issue:SSW18jpg512
+ How to Write an Animal Character for a Fiction Story
+ How to write a killer short story
+ Five Step Fiction Writing Formula for a Short Story
+ Animal Writing Prompts
+ Story Ideas
+ Five Step Formula for writing a Short Story
+ What does a publishable Short Story Need?



Short Story Writer Magazine Issue 17

In this issue:SSW17x512jpg
+ 7 Keys To Write the Perfect First Line of a Novel
+ Tension & Pacing in Your Fiction
+ 10 Ways Writing Short Stories Can Benefit Aspiring Novelists
+ Benefits of Writing Short Stories
+ The Three Reasons I Have Fallen in Love with Writing Short Stories
+ Short Story from F. Scott Fitzgerald!
+ Plot ideas
+ Video on Writing Villains