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Short Story Writer Magazine Issue 10

Short Story Writer Issue 10 features writing for Children.
+ Writing for Kids
+ First Steps in Writing for ChildrenSSW10
+ Understanding Children’s Book Categories
+ 5 Common Mistakes people make when Writing for Children
+ 10 Things you need to consider when Self
+ Publishing your Children’s Book
+ Differences Between a Short Story and a Novel
+ Tips and Advice on writing Short Stories



Short Story Writer Magazine Issue 9 Philip K Dick

This Short Story Writer Issue focuses on the life and works of Philip K Dick.
+ Introduction to Philip K DickSSW9Cover768x1024
+ 3 Techniques for Writers from a Philip K. Dick Novel
+ How to write like Philip K Dick
+ Writing The Million Dollar Screenplay
+ Authors Who Overcame Hardships



Short Story Writer Magazine Issue 9a Free supplement

This is a free supplementary issue with two free short stories from Philip K Dick, courtesy of the Gutenberg Project.

“The Gun” was first published in 1952 September issue of Planet Stories.
“Piper in the Woods” was first published in 1953 in the February issue of Imagination.

Short Story Writer Mag Issue 9a Supplement

Look out for the FULL issue on Philip K Dick on the issue home page of this app.