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Short Story Writer is a monthly resource for writing short fiction, it includes tips on writing, writing news, news of competition news and analysis.

As the tag line says, all great things start small, and fiction is no exception. Whether it’s children’s fiction, film scripts, magazine serials or ebooks. The short form is becoming more popular for two reasons, says Cynthia Racette (see her article in issue 1). Firstly, people are busy and can’t afford the time to read a long tome. Secondly is the availability of digital readers and ebooks (how many books do you have on this device?) This is an exciting time when digital media frees us to publish and share our own stories. Constrained only by our imagination there can be little to stand in our way. Why not pick up a copy of the magazine, it could be the start of something great!

We hope you’ll really enjoy Short Story Writer!

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